Wednesday, 6 February 2013

How to build profile RC Jet -SU 37- Part One

Today i wanna replace my  MIG29 profile that had crashed and smashed to ground. I wanna fly different kind of r/c jetplane so i choose a new Russian Jet named SU -37, it had a canard in a front and streamline design that i like...

so readers if u wanna make one just like me, follow my instruction.

Before we started. This are the list things needed to build SU-37 kit not including electronic yet..

-.2  Big Foam Board  6 mm density
- Sharp Knife
- Fiber Tape/Selotape or any tape that suitable
- Hot glue gun and a couple hot glue stick
- Pin to hold the plans
- ball point pen
- carbon rod or bamboo stick for spar

First u will need a plan to make one design or template , the source of template that i get is from this website

the website contain instruction, guide and lots of model to choose from like F22 raptor, the famous MIG29 and of course russians SU-37. Just download the plane plan in pdf format and choose tiled version if u wanna use home printer and A4 paper. Make sure u choose scale to none at printer dropbox menu to get right measurement for the plans.

After u download and print the plans for SU-37, attach the plans in rows by glue it. after the big plans is completely dried. Cut the plane parts in that plans using sharp knife

and transfer all the paper templates to depron.

By using ball point pen to make line and shape of the plane to foam board guided from the paper cutout, after complete,

using sharp knife cut all the plane parts at the foam boards into several parts like pic below

Now after finished cut all the parts, take hotglue gun and glue all the parts especially the fuselage and body of the plane until look like this

Continue in Part 2

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