Thursday, 10 January 2013

Cheap KK2 and SK450 Quadcopter build experience

  I am a little late to update my blog enty because I was busy preparing for my first quadcopter, I had a little experience when operating and flying quadcopter.
   Recently i already flying the famous V929 mini quadcopter, yep the quad is quite tame and easy to fly , but after abuse playing , the toy quad shows sign that someday it will broken. I really enjoy flying it and learn to control orientation and fly it, nowadays i have already put some LED light for night flying ,

.. due to lack of budget, I bought a secondhand SK450 frame, motor, esc props from member that i contact from Malaysia Forum for price RM 200.00 .. he sent a quadcopter in parts to saving shipping cost and put all the  motor, esc and frame in a one box, i dont mind because I really like to learning to build and install my own quad,

For my building progress and for reference i watch Youtube and forum2 RCGroups. Finally after 2 days installing, my quad successfully flown by using auto level mode

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