Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Unifi and HyppTV short review

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This time I would like to make a short review on TMnet Unifi. This article will cover about the installation, list of device, pros and cons of the Unifi and HyppTV.

    Actually I already use Unifi and Hypptv for one month since now.  I  am quite satisfied with Hypptv and Unifi but they can improve and beat others competitor if they can overcome from lack of interesting channel like movie channel  and user friendly device.


UniFi installation is time consuming and require lots of device installation compare with installation of streamyx, it took 4 hours to finished, so if you wanna to set a meet up with the techician to install Unifi
make sure yourself or friends was there at  home during UniFi installation progress.
Keep in mind if customer  is not in home at the date for the Unifi technician comes for the installation, the customer can be fined up to RM 200.

 . Ok why to 4 hours u have to wait for the technician done install the Unifi ?

This is because fiber optic cables is been brought from outside into the house .. not like streamyx which only requires the phone line only. and Unifi contractor should inspect the ceiling position to plan cable routing to the location requested by the customer. oh not to forget, customer also have to provide a 4 pin plug as for a full set of device like a modem Router, Fibre Optic Modem,  DECT Phone and lastly HypptyTopBox.

Unifi Internet

After installation I tested Unifi  internet speed,  I use Yes Speed ​​Test on the website  ... the results are 4.68 mbps download and 4.32mbps upload ..
quite fast..but I heard a bad news that Unifi speed will be reduce when maximum quota reached 60gigabyte


HyppTV  is a IPTV, which it use internet on its own and not share with the internet Unifi,
the top box look cheap,  less attractive and less user friendly compared to Astro beyond decoder.  HyppTV remote also cannot control TV function like control the volume and standby mode.

The best part of Hypptv is that it can turn your regular high definition tv like a smart tv function, for example a picture inside picture, Youtube and a Facebook application

here is the link for the manual HyppTV top box

Tips: You have to switch on the internet before switch on HyppTV Top box.  if not error massage will appear that your topbox not sycronize with server.

HyppTV have three major functions, Live TV, Interactive, VOD:

Live TV
For list of channel. HyppTV offer a 30 premium channel previews for a month, 15 regular channels, 10 radio stations.  Among my favorites Channel are Nat Geo Adventure and Discovery Channel BBC HD,

There is youtube, Horoscope, weather and some recipes with video instruction how to cook the recipes. Youtube sometimes fast loading with video and sometimes idle with black screen like nothing happen.

for those who want to subscribe to video feature, but most of the videos already see in astro movie, the pricing is from RM8.00 to RM10, 00 per movie for 48 hours, only free video upin and ipin season 1 and season 6 only, my children love to see

Lastly i hope Unifi can include something like list below to attract more custome
- Movie Channel HBO, Star
- Equipment and a user-friendly remote
- Reduce the price of the package, Unifi mothly RM 149 + 30 = 179 is quite expensive

That's all, Thank u for read my short review about Unifi and Hypptv,

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