Monday, 27 May 2013

My MJX F45 brushless conversion build

Finally after several weeks and days reading from RC Groups forum, i finally decided to convert my main motor to brushless one, i know its only fixed pitch helicopter but i just wanna  mod and try something

In RC Groups forum the suitable motor to convert brushless is EH 200 and for pinion is 10 teeth

this is the pic of the motor and link from hobbyking ]

 For list of other parts

Hex screw

Pinion 10 teeth

ESC 18Amp

for connection, just put the ESC servo connector to extra slot infront aileron n elevator servo slot in MJX F45 pcb board and for powered the esc, solder positive n negative esc to PCB board +/-wire

after done assemble, carefully reroute wire connection so it can fit canopy

now for hover test
and for outdoor test

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