Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Blu-baby rc depron plane build log part Two

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To build a blu-baby R/C airplane require many item and electronic such as

1. 2 Sheets foamboard - Can get from local stationery shops from price range RM 6.00 to RM 10.0
2. Hot Glue/Hot Glue Gun
3. Soldering equipment
4. Carbon Stick or Bamboo Sticks out from cheap kites
5. Fiber Tape, i used it because much strong compared with regular selotape
6. Plane Electronic, you can get it from local hobby shops
    6.1 Motor Emax 1200kv 32gram
    6.2 ESC 18 Amp
    6.3 Li-po Battery 1000mah
    6.4 2 Servo 9gram
    6.5 Your Own Transmitter and Receiver

First, after print out all the plans, cut plans and transferred to foamboard , and cut the foam

next glue all the 7 pieces monobloc and shape it together to make a large piece monobloc

, after the shape is dry, your are now ready to put motor and esc

  Continue to part 3...i feel sleepy that night, tonight i will continue again

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