Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Stories about Wireless Adapter /Simulator/Turnigy9x Transmitter/Smartpropo and PPJOY

Beginner who what  learn R/C helicopter and plane, simulator is a must, it can save your pennies and can teach u to coordinate skill and hand movement, and save u from the tension when outside is raining especially in the evening at Malaysia,

For now i still training to fly 450 size helicopter at simulator for prepare to fly a real one. The simulator that i use is Pheonix simulator because everybody recommended this simulator is good for training 6 channel helicopter. The downside is i dont have a proper usb dongle, and Pheonix simulator had a protection program that cannot start unless a proper USB dongle is inserted.  After that i research to r/c forum that is another way to play Pheonix simulator by using

-          Audio Cable (male to male)

-          Smart Propo Application

-          PPJoy Application

The Audio cable is to connect your tx trainer port and PC line-in port, Smartpropo is convert audio cable to Joystick signal and PPJoy is use to mapping the control, is the setup is properly done, u can see on windows joystick confiq that ur tx is now standard PC joystick. Now u have to search Pheonix simulator with Cr*ck with it. and run the simulator using cr*ck

the downside for this method is not suitable for beginner to  setup and use.
If you are using a Wireless Adapter, what do you need is your receiver  only .. and connect the USB cable that came with the wireless adapter,

 after all the wiring connected to the wireless adapter and the receiver, select the type of simulator labeled at the wireless adapter and select the wireless option ,

 and then connect mini usb to usb adapter into the slot and PC, make sure you've installed one of the simulators like Pheonix
 I do not know maybe I was lucky, pheonix simulator  can detect all the channel , now just follow the channel mapping settings specified, Now by using a wireless adapter, you now free to move  and no longer bothered with wiring,

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