Thursday, 4 July 2013

FPV MJX F45 for the First Time

Finally i manage to build and make a simple FPV. which i will release  a simple review and tutorial how to connect and powered 5.8ghz Video ...

Right now after i attach simple keychain camera, i wish i had a live feed view from my MJX F45 helicopter so i buy a cheap 200mwatt video transmitter and receiver from my friend ..the question is can my MJXF45 can carried my camera?

After several searching for information how many weights do MJXF45 can carried . i read a forum post says that it can carry gopro camera weight about 100grams, so i buy a very light 3cell lipo 360mah ..and put all electronic including camera and battery...guesst what ? it weight same as GoPro Camera about 100gram also

Now i build casing for my VTx( Video Transmitter) put it at a below my helicopter and patch it fiber tape..and fly it first to see if my copter can carried it ..after all my heli is now brushless n lots of power.
After a while hover my heli with camera it seems no problem.

So i decided to bring my FPV equipment such as google, video receiver and FPV helicopter to field beside my house ...this is my first time to fly FPV style ...seems very odd  but feels gread ..i manage to hover it but seems quite difficult fly with limited view..i will try to fly it again soon 

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