Sunday, 8 September 2013

my Q450 Multiwii crius SE quadcopter

Hi ..its been a while i dont update my blog with new post..
because recently being busy build my second quad from multiwii  Crius SE board...

The reason i wanna build a decent quadcopter is i wanna experience FPV for short range and
i have purchase a used FPV Fatshark google ( i will post about it later) from my local community forum

i build this quad from multiwii board because KK2 board and multiwii have a same price but from my
research multiwii had many function and can be upgraded with GPS, it has accelerometer , gyro, barometer, and magnometer(digital compass i presume)

This is my list of part for build a nice and simple quadcopter

1. Q450 hobbyking frame
2. Hobbyking Simonk ESC 20Amp
3. Multiwii board FC
4 .Emax 2213 Motor including props

For FPV propose i use Fatshark Predator V2 

This is my flight test in front of my house

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