Monday, 17 October 2011

Z101 4 Channel Helicopter Review

Today i wanna tell about Z101 R/C helicopter that i buy from

                                          (My Z101 helicopter , in the right side )



1.Good Gyro and very nice hover ...
2. use 6 packs AA comparing other TX that use 8 Packs
3Can Exchange parts like DH9100
4.use a plastic flybar
5.high impact frame
6.4 channel can go  side to side
7lots of goodies
8.Can use Lipo 7.4 850 mAH

a sample video i am flying Z101 in front of my house


  1. bro, sy punye connection rod hilang ms crash kt pdg.. puas cr sparepart tp x jumpa, smpi skrg z101 tersadai bro.. klu ade ape2 cdgn plz email to me at tq..

  2. z101 nie production lama dah..sukar sikit cari di pasaran , tapi kalo nak idupkan balik bole ..ko kasi pic nanti kalo parts nie ada ..ambiklah ..shipping jelah ko bayarkan , aku kena selongkar kat stor kalo ada..kalo xda kena beli online kat website luar negeri


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