Sunday, 9 December 2012

Lazy Sunday at Tanjung Labuh Flying Field

It has been awhile I did not update the blog .. I m try going to update my blog about hobbies that interest me
it's about   R/C helicopter and plane .

One of the most common places I visited was at Old Airport Tanjung Labuh Airfield in Batu Pahat Johor, near the town Senggarang and Koris

Old Airport Tanjung Labuh  was quite serentity n have much bigger airspace, according to history, the airport was used by the Japanese army.

On the morning of Sunday, 9/12/2012, my brother-in-law and I traveled there to play DIY R / C plane, I bring DIY DIY MIG29 and Lil Ripper Depron, The weather condition so nice with no wind and cloudy

At first only two cars just appear, and when almost noon the next six cars came by ..

I was very happy  at that time together with friends chasing each other R/C airplane.
and most importantly  today's no one had a crash R/C plane

my collection photo's from that day

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