Monday, 4 March 2013

Learning How to Fly FPV in a Quad....

For those souls just reading this for the first time FPV stands for 
First Person View , a term make popular by the RC fraternity , a new 
way to pilot your air craft, literally from the pilot's seat thru' the 
lens of an on-board video camera. This is in contrast to the more conventional 
Line-of-Sight (LOS) flying where control is via feedback of your RC machine
 movements, to your eyes and hence to your brain for further actions. 
In both instances this feedback loop must not only be precise but cannot be broken , 
otherwise a loss of control will definitely follows.

After a long period of gestation , the time have come to learn FPV 
flying ... at least for me.Thanks to all the Taikos and sifus that provided help and encouragement
 along the way .All the right hardware is ready . I have a 
simple quad and this lovely thing can be flown in the small compound 
outside my house , thus saving me long trips to faraway flying sites. 
Decided to start from scratch and learns how to hover fpv within this 
small restricted area. Have to be careful though otherwise family 
cars can get scratched.. Grin Grin . And if I can teach myself to hover a 
couple of feet here I would consider lessons done!Anything more than 
this should be at a proper flying field.Target is to complete this 'foundation course' in 
3 - 4 months ..hehe ... 4-8 packs per weekend ... about 4 minutes per pack .. too ambitious ?

First thing I did was to install training/ping pong sticks on the 
quad but this proved impractical because this obstructed the 
main lipo in my installation so the next thing I can think of was to 
tie  some air-con insulation tubing at the 4 corners of the arms. 
This would hopefully prevent minor bumps from becoming disastrous.

CCd camera in front and 100mW vtx at the back with a V-antenna is 
adequate at present and the first few hops was exhilarating.Remember 
this is thru' the ccd camera video , a quality very much less and 
definitely not like most of the 'gopro's fpv video' posted online.You 
get noises , interferences , static and 4:3 aspect ratio. Yah , no 
music too.Only problem is the !@#$% goggles which kept falling off my 
nose and view. 

Initially I was peeking at the quad to 'see' whether it's 
flying but gave up on that and ran a few packs of battery without 
knowing whether she really flew.Next time I would record on video 
what actually happened.Most of the time , I think , the quad was 
sliding on the ground and it's a different experience 
altogether.Knowing how to fly LOS does not helps much when all your 
reference points are gone and judging altitude and attitude becomes 
paramount to any sucess here.

This is what I learned so far so would you want to share yours , my 
friends? Yeap , pure flying fpv stories , sifu tips , dream flights , 
stumbles and crashes , FPV flight videos , guides ...

Fly safe ,

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Author : KCLeong18

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