Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Single Pitch 4 Channel MJX F45 " my kind of review"

Today is quite easy to learn R/C helicopter, nowaday all the toy helicopter had a good gyro and electronics to help beginner hover the helicopter successfully.

 My Helicopter MJX F45 sitting next to Aztec Helex

If u graduate from V911 single pitch helicopter and wanna much bigger helicopter, MJX F45 is for u ...why

-It 's robust
-Easy to hover
-It had many spare parts as same price as V911
-good quality building
-can be upgrade to brushless
- the transmitter now is 2.4 g so its not an issue like other predecessor toy heli with is still using PPCM channel and also the transmitter can be adjusted throttle and other setting with ease.

as matter a fact that my brother can master MJX F45 with ease just after his learning his orientation n throttle management with v911

I also had crash the heli at several feet height but nothing happen, not even a scratch, comparing with my 450 collective pitch helicopter.

I also replace the stock battery with LIPO 1800mah 2 cell for better performance  and flight time

try put a keychain camera, it will be fun just like my video below

like other helicopter, MJX F45 had also a flaw, the tail rotor is difficult to upgrade into brushless, so u have to be careful not exceed flight time or the tail motor can be overheated and prone to damage.

the tail rotor can be replaced at Banggood for 7 dolar including tail boom and all parts

This helicopter is my favourite after V911, and i am planning to get V912 helicopter if my wifr permitted hehehe

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