Sunday, 10 March 2013

SE5A depron

Seeing SE5a scale version in Pasir Gudang Funfly one is brought by singaporean flyer, the detail and realism makes me envy n wanna buy one, yes I know i have a tight budget and I decided to build scratch built one from depron.

Time to search RCGroups forum in scratch build section,

i found one easy planfrom the creator of bluebaby. now to make more real i buy coloured depron and ask one of my friend to make plywood spar and parts. its time to hotglue everything

The power setup i use for this plane is -

1. Emax brushless 1200 kv , I think CF 2822
2. ESC 20Amp
3. 1000mah Lipo
4. 2 servo ( i just  wanna make 3 channel for easy manuvering )

After i finished, looks more not scale enough hahaha, see for yourself, but after maiden it i so amaze how stable and very responsive ...i love this plane

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