Tuesday, 18 February 2014

How to build an Multirotor with APM Arduflyer Flight Controller part One

After so many times ups and down with my quadcopter, now is time to upgrade my motor.  The reason i wanna upgrade is that my left side motor seems has lost its c-clip and it cause the motor not to spin smoothly or maybe the bearing is broken... so i decided to build again my quad copter from scratch and share to fellow readers how to build an Multirotor and to Setup APM arducopter with Mission Planner

First of all to start build it, we have to list out the component need to make a functional quadcopter

here the picture and a parts need to build it, some of the parts are  from my old quad copter, feel free to change with your preferred setup, this setup is just for guidelines only

  Here my quad setup specification

a. 4 unit sunnysky 980kv motor
    - this is good motor and balance well from what i heard from internet, still in the box not tested yet

 or u can use this motor like Turnigy Multistar

b. 4 esc Hobbyking 20a with Simonk Firmware

click link down below for info

c. a power distribution board

click link down below for info 
 d. For flight controller i use APM 2.52 or at Hobbyking as a HK Pilot Mega V2.5 

for info and price click link below
e. still the board doesn't quite completed with GPS for function like loiter and Return To Home

additional parts like

g. prop CW and CCW (clockwise and Counter Clock Wise) 10x4.5 size
h. 3.5mm gold connector for esc
i. some doublesided tape, hex screw

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