Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Turnigy basic FPV googles review

Tunigy basic FPV google  is an inexpensive and easy to use for anyone who wanna try FPV but lacked budget.  I received one unit of used google  through online purchase at Malaysia RC forums with cheap price and it has been modified and inserted with ski google to block light and to feels total darkness. 

The unit I received included  with pouch , cleaning cloth and 2 earphones ,The google  has a connection to the casing that has switch device on / off and contained batteries with it , it is also a place to connect a 3.5 audio jack to hear sound .the google had a long wire with RCA plug to connect any device that support it 

I test the connection from my googles to Astro Setelite box to see the picture and screen quality, The images was clear and u can see tv lines in it, what can i say it only has 320 resolution feels like viewing a regular 32inch TV  in a dark room with a distance 2 meter..although the resolution is low, the colour and virtual screen size is small, its still usable for FPV flying 

To use it for FPV flying u still need others device like Video Transmitter, Video Receiver and decent camera with wide lenses the list of it to starting an a basic FPV equipment

boscam TX and RX

click Hobbyking link for info

and for camera

and i put my FPV equipment at my MJX F45 helicopter. i was my first time FPV flying...its quite funny and a whole new experience, i had an difficulty to navigate because my camera lenses is not wide enough to see the surrounding

 My first FPV helicopter....its a thrill

another lack of this has long wire and sometime i get tangle with it, so to setup FPV it consumes time...i recently mod it like this

                                                     the fan is nothing to do with google ...


anyway still it is best google around for new comers ...but the google is hard to find at hobbyking now

Pro -
2.Easy to Use
3.long battery usege

Low Resolution  
Sense of bulky especially wire from google
Small FOV

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