Sunday, 16 November 2014

DIY 3D Printed Tricopter with Acro Naze32

Project Summary: To make a fun mini tricopter that can fly indoor and outdoor
Project Status : Success
Project Time-frame: Mid November 2014


Pic above from flite test :

below is my maiden flight video with attached mobius cam with my hat
Project Summary

one of the motor from my previous miniquad is being use as powerpod for flitetest mini speedster plane,
The remaining 3 motor is used for my 3d printed tricopter...
This is my first tricopter build and it is also my first maiden of my tricopter

-3 ZMR@RCX motor 1804 from Myrcmart
-Afro ESC 12 amp simonk
-Acro Naze32
-1300 mah 3cell with 5x3 props

 The most crucial parts of tricopter is how to build a tilt mechanism, it must had a good servo speed and agility .
For maiden flight the first problem that i facing is the quad start spinning one direction only.
the problem is solved after i reverse the servo setting at a Baseflight configurator.

The mini tricopter is fly so fast and agile..but it is a small size and hard to find the orientation once the tricopter flew away. so for my next project is to put FPV equipment for long range flight with this mini

Project Budget
RM 30.00 and a old mini quad

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