Monday, 17 November 2014

DIY Mini Speedster Depron Plane from Flitetest

mini speedster, depron, fpv
Above is my new mini speedster plane that i build from depron, it use only 2 cell battery and have nice flying characteristic, very floaty and easy to build

Project Status : Success
Project Time-frame: Mid November 2014
mini speedster


          Picture from flite test website

 The other three motor has being used as a mini DIY tricopter, for the maiden flight it was a successul and fly nice ..

below is my maiden flight video with attached mobius cam with my hat
Picture :

I added few changes like a landing gear, fuselage cover and a LEGO action figure toy to added scale look
here are the photo below

maybe when budget permits i will added mini FPV setup for a pilot's view
Project Summary

This is first plane i ever made from flite test plans, it only use 1/2 depron to build one and the instruction to build is very easy and if you lost, just follow the guide video from Josh from youtube.

from the video you can see the motor seems lack of thrust, i cannot able to make a loop with this motor, soon i will upgrade to a better motor

one only ZMR@RCX motor 1804 from Myrcmart
-Afro ESC 12 amp simonk
-Turnigy 9xr and 800mah 2 cell
- 5x3 props

when the budget permits i will upgrade it with smallest camera and fpv equipment, i dream to fly it

Project Budget
RM 30.00 and a old mini quad

Parts for the Project

1. ZMR Motor -

Source from:

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