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How to calibrate your GPS Screen

The calibration procedures below are what I have so far gathered. 

For Nuvi 2xx series:

1. Have the unit turned OFF and unplugged from power.
2. Slide the power switch to the ON position and hold for about 45 seconds.
3. A message will display on the screen: Press Dot.
4. Once this message displays, release the Power button.
5. Press in the center of the Dot.
6. Keep pressing in the center of the Dot as it moves around the screen.
7. Once this is complete, there will be a message: Calibration Complete.
8. Touch Ok and the unit will restart.
9. The touchscreen will now be recalibrated.

For Nuvi 5xx Series:

1. Power off device.
2. Press and hold the top-left corner of touch screen
3. Power on Device.
4. Continue to hold finger on screen for about 30 seconds, a small dot will appear.
5. Release the screen and touch each dot in the position as it appears on the sceen.
6. Touch "OK" when you see the "Calibration Complete" pop up.

For Nuvi 27xx/28xx/7xxx Series:

1. Touching Settings from the Main Menu
2. Touching Screen
3. Touching Calibrate Touch Screen
4. Touch the Screen
5. Touch the Dot on the screen and follow the dots as they move

For Nuvi 300 or 600 series:

1. Power the unit On.
2. From the Where to? and View map screen, touch Settings (wrench icon).
3. Touch Display.
4. Touch Recalibrate.
5. A new screen will display that says Press Dot.
6. Touch the Center of the Dot.
7. Keep touching the center of the dot as it moves around the screen.
8. When Calibration Complete appears on the screen, please touch OK.

For Nuvi 7xx series:

1. Start with the unit powered OFF and unplugged from power supply.
2. Press and hold your finger anywhere on the touch screen 
3. Next, slide the power switch ON and immediately slide it into the Lock position. There is no need to wait for the screen to flash on or show the Garmin logo before moving the switch into the Lock position. 
4. Leave your finger on the screen for about 45 seconds.
5. Two intersecting lines should display on the screen along with the message: Press Dot.

For Nuvi 5000 Series:

1. Start with the unit OFF while plugged into power.
2. Press and hold your finger anywhere on the touch screen.
3. Power the unit ON and continue holding your finger on the touch screen.
4. Leave your finger on the screen until Press dot appears.
5. After Press dot appears, take your finger off the screen.
6. Touch the center of the dot.
7. Continue touching the center of the dot as it moves around the screen.
8. After all the dots have been pressed, Calibration Complete will appear on the screen.
9. Touch OK and the unit will restart.

For Nuvifone G60:

1. Turn off the Nuvifone
2. Hold device so the power button is on top (portrait orientation).
3. Press and hold the power button until the calibration screen appears(about 60 seconds).
4. Release the power button
5. Follow the directions to calibrate the screen

For Nuvi 1xxx Series:

1. Make sure the Device is turned off
2. Press and hold the top left corner of the touchscreen
3. Power the unit on whilst keeping hold of the top left corner
4. Continue holding the top left of the screen, after 30 seconds, a small dot will appear
5. Release the touchscreen and accurately touch the dots in turn as and when they appear
6. Once complete a message will appear, ‘Calibration Complete’, Touch OK

The screen will now be calibrated.

For Oregon series, here are the steps to calibrate the touch screen:

1. Turn the Oregon off and power it back on again, holding the power button down as it initializes.
2. After about 30 seconds you will enter a screen calibration page where you can recalibrate the touch screen.

For Papago R58xx series:
1. Tap "Advance Settings"
2. Scroll down to the "System" tab at the bottom
3. Tap "Calibration"

Last modified on: 10/02/2009

Source: Garmin FAQ

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