Monday, 10 December 2012

AES Camera Traffic POI for Garmin Mobile XT

Recently My Asean Free Maps forum has released POI for AES Camera Traffic for Nokia Smartphone user for Garmin Mobile XT apps.
Image from Malaysian Insider Website
feel free to download here

the downloaded application contain other POI such as

01) MFM-Accident Area v2.7
02) MFM-AES Camera v2.2
03) MFM-AES Speed Trap v1.1 (JPJ 14 Spot)
04) MFM-AES Traffic Light v2.1
05) MFM-Checkpoints v3.0
06) MFM-Expressway R&R Stop areas v5.0
07) MFM-Latar_Toll v1.0
08) MFM-Ngvstations
09) MFM-Night Market POIs v2.22
10) MFM-NKVE_Cameras v1.0
11) MFM-Pasar Tani v2.3
12) MFM-Power Grids v2.0
13) MFM-Railway Crossing V2.5
14) MFM-Redlight Cameras v1.9
15) MFM-Road Junctions
16) MFM-School Zone v2.0
17) MFM-SGRC_B_W_091206
18) MFM-SGRC_S_W_091206
19) MFM-Sharp Bend v3.6
20) MFM-Speed Traps & Camera v5.3
21) MFM-State Border V1.0
22) MFM-Toll Plazas v2.1
23) MFM-Tunnel v1.4
24) MFM-Touch n Go Hubs v1.0
just tick "/ " which POI would like to install into your smartphone
and put the file at Garmin POI folder

please take notes
Custom POIs - AES

The created cPOI is just for hobby project only, and is to be shared with others.

The Trigger point is set at 1.5 kmh to 2 kmh. It comes in a WAV format.
The WAV voice has been tested with a Nuvi 1350 and found to be working.
For GMXT, only the beep tone can be heard, no voice audio.

- The cPOI provided is on "as-is" basis.

-No guarantee is implied as to the accuracy or validity of the exact location.

- Waypoints are placed as accurately as possible and are assumed to be facing either way.
Therefore, you will get alerts from both direction.

- Please drive responsibly. Do not misuse this POI for your public road racing exploits.

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