Monday, 10 December 2012

My Scracthbuild R/C Plane Collection

Since i started this hobby, i only buy 3 airplane from local hobby shop, the plane i bought are Hover One, Techone Piaget and lastly E-starter

The first plane i succesfully build and fly it is Techone Piaget Depron ....although it only survive couple of flights only due on my mishap during i trow it.

Next i successfully build my first kit plane Techone Piaget..Althought its very hard for beginner especially time to gluing the the carbon rod, it takes much time to wait glue to dry...

After that , I learned that CG is important during build RC plane  not so hard to build R/C plane ..all ur need is suitable electronics n proper guide from others ..

I am very interested to build F-22 Depron after seeing my fellow r/c members flew it at Tanjong Labuh Flying field. I quite enjoy when seeing 3 or 4 F22 depron flying dogfighting each others.

My First scratchbuild F22 depron

Below is my others collection of my scracthbuild R/C planes

1. DIY Funbat

My second build F-22 but actually my friend build it

MIG 29 depron
Blu-baby trainer airplane
 My Lill Ripper..

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