Sunday, 9 December 2012

My Personal Review and Experience in Smartphone GPS Software

Okay this is my personal view and experience after using 3 GPS software in my smartphone

The GPS that i am gonna review are

1. Garmin Mobile XT
2. Nokia Maps
3. Papago on Android Smartphone

1. Garmin Mobile XT

- Nice interface but kind not update
- Maps more mature as many user use garmin mobile XT
- Can get maps by download from Forum
- I had no problem following guide in rural area like in a village

- Kind of confusing when using in urban area
- Slow connection to GPS satellite
- Lack of detail , as many detail will slow your smartphone

2. Nokia Maps
- Very nice interface
- Detail information , especially in selecting which lane from guide given , nice 3D iconic monument
- Very useful in urban area's
-It's hard to search places
- Not suitable for rular area because the map not updated by the locals.

-  Same with Nokia Maps but much detail compare to Garmin
- Lane assist like nokia maps
- it 's hard to understand for selected voice in Malay  language

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